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Windows RT is much better than competition

clock April 20, 2013 16:30 by author Admin

First things first. I don’t have a Blackberry Playbook, HP Touchpad (I sold it). I don’t have Android Tablet with ICS or up installed. I sold them on eBay and bought a nice Surface Pro for me. That puts my tests incomplete though, but they gave me a basic idea. Since Playbook and Touchpad have minimal market, I decided not to worry and test against them, unless some great soul loans me those. I might get a Galaxy Note Tab in a few days and I will update this again.

Here I am not talking about App Ecosystem (iPad and Android). I am not talking about MS Office availability (Windows RT). I am not talking about fast boot approach like browser as a OS (Chromebook) or wide choice of devices (Android). I am also not worried about cloud sync, because almost all these devices are capable of syncing to cloud through natively or 3rd party apps. I am also not talking about which lasts longer on a single full charge or which is lighter to carry around.

I just want to be able to sync my smartphone through USB to the tablet I have, and explore it and sync the content. This is just because most of the media and good number of great analysts of Wall Street, IDC and Gartner are talking about death of PC or Post PC devices and even some of them say Microsoft is doomed and it is going to die tomorrow. If that happens, my PCs will not work because a dead company can’t release something to support my devices. I should be able to USB sync my devices, because if I can’t pay for internet for unforeseeable circumstances, the so called cloud services will not be there for me and I really can’t touch my media in the cloud.

Yes, with this type of economy an average Joe like me should be prepared for the worst come and in this case it is having a media backup locally instead of in the cloud would save the day.

Anyway keeping the rant at bay, I tried USB sync iPhone 5, HTC EVO 3D with Android ICS, Windows Phone 7.5, and Windows 8 with Surface RT, iPad 2 and Chromebook.

Here are my findings:

Host/Device iPhone 5 HTC EVO 3D Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone 7.5
Surface RT Photos/Video Disk Drive Total Sync No
iPad 2 Photos/Video “Connected USB Device Not Supported” “Connected USB Device Not Supported” “Connected USB Device Not Supported”
Chromebook No Disk Drive No No


Note: I erased or blurred the specific parts of the screenshots.

Surface RT or any Windows RT tablet could USB Sync with iPhone 5, Android, and of course Windows 8. In the case of Windows Phone 7.5, Microsoft said it needs Zune Client, which is a legacy Windows app developed for x86/x64 compatible processors not ARM compatible processors. Windows RT runs on ARM processor, so which is understandable and you have to use SkyDrive to sync.

When you USB sync your iPhone with Windows RT tablet here are the sequence of events that happen on your Windows RT Tablet.

It shows a dialog box on the upper right corner of your tablet like this:


and then once you tap that you will be presented with this:


If you select “Import photos and videos”, it opens the Photos app and you can import the pictures and videos from your phone.

If you select “Open device to view files”, then the Desktop App gets opened and within desktop Windows Explorer application gets launched like the following:


Once you tap Internal storage, it gets expanded and all you see is the DCIM folder and that’s where your photos and videos taken from iPhone Camera’s gets stored:


If you Sync your Android with Windows RT, once you USB sync your phone you will see something similar to the following. Please note the following are similar screens presented on your Android phone even if you USB sync with your Chromebook:


Once you tap Charge only, you will see something similar on your phone. Please select Disk drive option and tap on Done:

Screenshot_2013-04-19-22-08-18     Screenshot_2013-04-19-22-08-35

Desktop App on your Windows RT tablet gets launched and it opens the Windows Explorer application and you could see that your Android device mounted as external drive. And you could transfer files between your Windows RT Tablet and Android device. Please wait for 15 to 20 seconds to see this:


Now let us do Windows Phone 8 USB Sync. If you have already done that, you might have Windows Phone App already installed on your Windows RT tablet and it takes care syncing between your phone and Tablet. But if you are doing it for the first time, you will similar to the following screens:


Once you tap, it starts downloading and installing the Windows Phone app from Windows Store. Once it is installed you will asked to change your phone name and option to automatically import media to your computer. Click on All Done and you will taken to Windows Phone App and you could see the pictures, videos, and options to sync music etc:


Ok now let us see iPad 2 sync with various devices. With iPad, of course you have to use iPad USB Adapter to sync with your iPhone, and it opens the Photos App on your iPad and allows you to import pictures/video from your iPhone. Surprisingly iPad doesn’t work with any of Android, Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8. It threw an alert box saying “Cannot use USB Device. Connected USB Device Not Supported.”

Once you USB sync your iPhone 5 with iPad2 using USB adapter (purchased separately from Apple Store), you will see the Photos App launched and you will given an option to Import and delete pictures/video from your iPhone 5 like this:


But if you USB Sync your Android device or Windows Phone (7.5 or 8), you will see something like this:



Now let us see how Chromebook works with iPhone, Android Phone and Windows Phone (7.5 and 8).

Once you USB Sync either your iPhone or Windows Phone (7.5 or 8), you will not see any action on the Chromebook. I waited for more than 10 minutes nothing happened. I opend Files App on my Chromebook and still I didn’t see anything, except for Downloads and Google Drive folders on that:

Screenshot 2013-04-20 at 11.01.46 AM

Chromebook can be synced with Android devices using the Disk Drive option once you USB sync your phone. And since it becomes an external drive, you could transfer files, media between devices like it did with Windows RT tablets. I synced my HTC EVO 3D with ICS and it launched the Files App and I could see my phone listed as USB Drive:

Screenshot 2013-04-20 at 11.03.42 AM

I am planning to get an Android tablet and see how it syncs with various phones. I don’t have a Blackberry or Symbian phones. If someone provides me those, I could run these again and see how they could be able to sync up with Tablets.

Now if Microsoft could provide a way to sync the stored contacts, text messages using USB, then that would complete it.

To me personally, Windows RT tablet is more savvier and appealing than competing tablets. It comes Microsoft Office for RT, which is much better than many Office like Apps for Android, iPhone/iPad or Google Drive. The Windows Store is growing and it already has good number of applications, currently looking at 50,000+ apps and Xbox Games. Windows RT tablets come with USB port support and HDMI support. Of course you could do the same on Android and iPads too. They also have support for various sensors and cameras like higher end Android tablets and iPads. Support for RDP is there like Android Tablets, and iPads. And I could connect to variety of cloud services just like other tablets. The factor for me is having Lync support. I use Lync most of the day to communicate with my peers at work.

Don’t you think Windows RT tablets are better than competing platforms?

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Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT Devices

clock April 15, 2013 22:54 by author Admin

For many people using new technology or change is a bit daunting and hard experience. Now with its Start Screen replacing the traditional “Start” button of Windows morphing Windows desktop as an App, Microsoft really brought a good amount of change to Windows culture. Whether you use a touch enabled device, or a traditional desktop or laptop, you find Windows 8 is more responsive and faster. WinTab

The Start Screen is composed of Tiles representing Apps that are built using Modern UI (formerly known as Metro UI) and some of the Tiles are Live Tiles, which bring up to date rich information on to the screen, making it to true “Glance and Go,” which has its roots from Windows Phone.


Windows devices that are powered by Windows 8, Windows RT have faster, responsive and smoother appeal and are better than ever before. They are more versatile than competing technologies. The App Ecosystem is growing and it already has more than 50,000 apps to choose from.


In the next few posts, which I am planning to post regularly, I will try to introduce you to key features of Windows Tablets, whether it is powered by full Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro for x86/x64 processors or ARM based Windows RT. I hope I will help you to get grip on Windows Tablets for work, recreation, or organizing your life.

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Now you could get your app into Windows Store along with Windows 8 launch

clock May 10, 2012 08:23 by author admin

If you are working on Windows 8 App, want to get it into Windows Store, well you don’t have to wait until it is launched. Now you could contact Matt Harrington at his blog and submit your app for review. windows-8-logoMake sure you follow the guidelines and follow the certification requirements and your app could make its way into the store as one of the first apps that would be available for your prospective customers to download and install.

Matt says “This is a great opportunity to not only be first to market with your app, but also to get feedback from a Microsoft Services Engineer to make your app great. If you are serious about creating an application, this is a chance that you probably don’t want to pass up.”

This is really a good opportunity to learn, code and submit, get feedback from Microsoft Engineers, nail down the issues and submit the app or apps and make available at the launch of Windows 8.

Also, if you are near or visiting Redmond WA, Denver CO, Chandler AZ or Mountain View CA make sure you get to one of the developer events. The exact dates and registration details you could find at Matt Harrington’s blog.


Source: MSDN Blogs

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C# 4.0 Enhancements - Named and Optional Parameters

clock March 19, 2010 00:46 by author Admin

Named and Optional parameters are couple of good features that Visual Basic is enjoying all these days. Now .NET Framework 4.0 extended the support to these in C# 4.0. Even though Named parameters and Optional parameters are two different features, often they get referred together. 

The salient feature of Named Parameters is you could pass the parameters in any order to the functional. You don't have to follow the order that the function definition was made. In order to use the method parameter, you just user parameter name:parameter value. Note the colon separator between parameter name and value. The following example shows how to define in C# 4.0 with named parameters.

private void PaintMe(int Red, int Green, int Blue, string TextBlock){//method functionality}

and you can call the parameters in any order like the following

PaintMe(Red:45, Green:45, Blue: 232, TextBlock:"This is almost Blue");

PaintMe(TextBlock:"This is almost Blue", Green:45, Blue:232, Red:45);

and so on.... 

Optional parameters can be defined same as regular parameters but they will have a default value. The Optional Parameters should follow the required parameters when defining and calling them. Now the method with Optional parameters can be defined as follows:

private  void DoMagic(int MagicInt, float MagicFloat, string MagicString="I am Magic"){//method functionality}

and now it can be used like this:

DoMagic(1, 1.0, "I am Not The Only Magic");

DoMagic(2,2.2); //Now the default value of optional parameter MagicString will be used inherently

Optional parameters and named parameters make the code more readable and easily maintainable. If the method call is effectively implemented using optional parameters, then the method overloading can be simplified. We don't have to have separate definitions for each different type and number of parameters or combinations of various parameters. 

An example for such situation is:

public void DoSomething(int intParam, float fltParam){..}

public void DoSomething(int intParam)


DoSomething(intParam, 1.0); 

We can implement the same with the following one simple usage of optional parameters:

public void DoSomething(int intParam, float fltParam=1.0){...}

Of course, the real world usage would not be that simple, but they come very handy. Also Optional parameters will improve the COM Interop situations. 

Remember the following rules must be followed:


  • Non-optional parameters must be declared first
  • If there are any non-optional parameters in your method declaration they must still used in making a method call.
  • Parameters are evaluated in the order they are declared.
  • If the method overloaded with two valid signatures and one has no optional parameters then that would be given precedence. 


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Welcome again

clock March 17, 2010 04:48 by author Admin

I know this site has been gathering dust for a while, well, for a long while. I am planning to get rid of my laziness and focus on .NET development. This time I am planning to focus on Windows Phone 7 Series development with occasional posts on iPhone Development using MonoTouch/iPhone SDK.

I have downloaded the WP7S development tools from This site also has good material on this. Watch out this still a technology preview and things could change. If they change, I will try to update my posts too.

The tools installation is pretty simple and you get these:

  • Silverlight 4.0 Preview
  • XNA Development Studio 4.0
  • Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone
  • Documentation

I installed on Windows 7 Ultimate. The installation was so simple. The file vm_web.exe downloads Windows Phone 7S tools from Microsoft sites and installs. If you are familiar with Visual Studio 2010 layout you are good to go. One quick thing I noticed was lack of "Quick Watch" while debugging. Hey this is still a technology preview probably another CTP and one or two RC would roll out before RTM or Microsoft just would release this along with Visual Studio 2010, who knows.




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Reference Type Object Layout in the memory

clock February 10, 2008 03:14 by author Admin

Data members of an object of reference type are always stored in the heap, regardless of their type that is value type or reference type.

The following picture depicts it.

1. The data part of the reference type object is always stored in the heap.
2. The data of a value type that is part of the object of reference type is stored in the heap.
3. The reference of a reference type object can stored in either the stack or the heap based on its position.

  • If this object of a reference type is not referenced by any reference types as part of their data, then the reference of this object of reference type will be placed in the stack.
  • If it is referenced by another reference type object, then its reference will be stored as part of that refering object's data in the heap.

--Rama .NET--

Currently Breathing .NET

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Row Constructors in SQL Server 2008

clock February 9, 2008 14:14 by author Admin

One of the cool features of SQL 2008 is Row Constructor.

Instead of having to call multiple inserts, we could just insert multiple rows with a single TSQL Statement.

The following example inserts 3 rows into User Table in a single call. Pay attention to 'VALUES' in the following statement.

INSERT INTO User(firstName, lastName, lastLoginDate)
('Ram', 'Uppugunduri', '1/10/2007'),
('Jeff', 'Barone', '2/10/2007'),
('Joe', 'Schmoe', '2/11/2007')

 It is so cool.


Currently Breathing .NET

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Windows Communication Foundation - Slide Shows

clock October 9, 2007 06:59 by author Admin

I started working on WCF presentation shows, which I am planing to give it to my teams comprising developers, testers, Applicaiton Architects across projects. I am handling two projects right now and might be engaged in few more. These two projects use WCF and NHibernate for the applicaiton development. I am going to post these presentations as part of public downloads here and also on my other site http://www.IArchitectSystems.NET.



Currently Breathing.NET

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Microsoft is releasing Source for .NET Framework 3.5 Libraries

clock October 5, 2007 23:53 by author Admin

Yes, you heard it right. As per Scott Gu's yesterday's blog, it is official news. They are releasing it with RTM release of .NET 3.5. This is so interesting and helps understanding the framework more.


Currently Breathing .NET

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Welcome to Currently Breathing .NET

clock May 12, 2007 15:00 by author Admin

Welcome to Currently Breathing .NET 

Welcome to my site. Here I try to blog about .NET 3.x features and support.

About Me

My name is Rama. I am a .NET Solutions Architect working for one of the top consulting firms in the United States. I live near St. Louis, MO. I am working on Microsoft .NET since its public alpha, something about late 2000. Prior to that I was working on ASP/JScript/VBScript, Visual Basic, Visual C++, JSP/J2EE, and PHP. I have totally 17+ years of experience from day to day coding to managing a small consulting firm. I was also a Unix/Linux Networking Admin for some time. Since 2002, I am exclusively working on .NET. Enough about me. Smile.

About My Signature

Since 2002 I am breathing only .NET to live instead of O2 (Oxygen). Smile

About the Site

My site is powered by BlogEngine.NET. This is an amazing piece of artwork I can say. I thank the team that developed it.

You can find BlogEngine.NET on the official website. That site is full of information inlcuding tutorials, documentation, tips and tricks and much more about BlogEngine.NET. They also have a project setup on CodePlex and you follow the ongoing development of BlogEngine.NET at CodePlex where the daily builds will be published for anyone to download.

Note: Please forgive my typos. Eventhough I am a very experienced software professional, I accept that I still can write buggy code Laughing. I try to fix them while I re-read the post/article. If you notice anything that needs to be corrected, we could have an email exchange about the topic and if you can convince me, I will update the post as soon as possible.

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